How it works

  View our current offerings  -  constantly changing - and select items for order by midnight on Order Day for delivery on the next Market Day. OlyEats then shops your order and delivers to your door on Market Day. Please leave a suitable tote bin or other box at your door - including an insulated cooler in warmer weather.

  Current Market Days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Ordering windows close at midnight on Sundays (for Tuesday delivery), Tuesdays (for Thursday delivery), and Thursdays (for Saturday delivery).

  By aggregating orders and employing an efficient delivery routing system that optimizes time and miles driven, OlyEats is able to purchase the freshest items and deliver them to your home for just $10. This is a flat fee that covers any amount purchased - no minimum or maximum purchase. The flat fee also includes all products and providers - one-stop shopping to multiple vendors instead of separate orders for each vendor.

  Prices charged are prices set by the product purveyor - OlyEats does not add any surcharges - you pay what you would pay at your local market. Sales taxes, where applicable, are included in the listed price. (Most food products are non-taxable, except certain ready-to-eat items.) Payment is not charged until orders are shopped and delivered. 100% of gratuities go to your delivery driver.

  Satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with a product in any way - quality, quantity, price charged - just let us know. We will replace it or refund your money.