OlyEats delivers fresh, locally produced foods using safe product handling and no-contact delivery.


OlyEats is on research sabbatical. Visitors can browse products but the check-out process is closed.

Buy Local

The South Sound area is rich in talented and dedicated farmers, bakers, dairy operators, and artisan food makers of all sorts who produce fantastic foods all year long and make ours a wonderful community. Visit our local food producers in person whenever you can (the Olympia farmers market is open on Saturdays through the winter months), but when you can't you can still enjoy their products and give them your support by having their goods delivered to your home by OlyEats.

OlyEats offers products produced in the Pacific Northwest, primarily from the Thurston County and the surrounding South Sound area. The range of products currently offered is limited due to availability and capacity - but check back often, we are adding new products all the time!

How it Works

Buying local is now easier than ever:

- View current offerings from local purveyors and select desired products.

- Review your order (carefully please!) and finalize checkout.

- A flat fee of $10 is charged - no minimum order, no maximum, for as many or as few purveyors as you like.

- Order windows close at Noon on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday, and Friday for Saturday delivery.

- Leave a suitable bin or box at your door on delivery day. In warm weather please provide an insulated cooler with a cooling element.

- Your payment is not charged until your order is finalized and delivered. 

Think Global, Eat Local

Cultures are defined by their foods. Communities are built around food production; families celebrate milestones with meals and feasts. Food is love. For our farmers, bakers, dairy operators, craft food artisans and other food producers, making the food that we enjoy is their labor of love. 

Why eat local?

- Fresher food is healthier food. Every hour counts in preserving nutrients and preventing decay and bacteria.

  - Buying local supports local jobs: farmers, producers, purveyors, and all of their employees and families.

  - Buying local benefits our local economy and keeps tax revenues in our communities.

  - Working farms preserve green spaces, protecting land from development and commercial sprawl.

  - Buying local means short, simple supply chains, lower transport costs and less environmental impact than shipping products nationally and internationally.

  - And, well, fresh local food just tastes better!

The Deets:

  With limited exceptions, all products offered by OlyEats are locally produced, defined as sourced in the Pacific Northwest, mostly from Thurston and Lewis Counties. The only exceptions are for products that are curated, processed, and sold by a local purveyor, such as coffee, teas and spices.

  OlyEats is able to purchase the freshest items and deliver them to your home for just ten dollars by using on-demand purchasing and an efficient delivery routing system that minimizes miles driven for delivery.

  Prices charged are prices set by the product purveyor - you pay what you would pay at your local market. Sales taxes, where applicable, are included in the listed price. Payment is not collected until your order is delivered. 100% of gratuities go to your delivery driver.

  Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are unhappy with a product in any way - quality, quantity, price charged or anything else - just zip us an email. We will be happy to replace it or refund your money, no questions.

  Requests: if there is a local product that you would like us to buy for you, send a text or email and we will see what we can do!